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the Arrhenius equation

In the Arrhenius equation the activation energy has a subscript but is itself a superscript:

The best way to write it in Arial font size 11 is to have the exponential factor raised by 2 points but the small ‘a’ in size 11 and raised by only 1 point. 819 palabras más

Is it Metric?

I am working on a blog post about Title Blocks and doing some research on adding a Scale value to a Visio text block and came across an interesting post by the shape miester Visio Guy (AKA Chris) (my usual research method is to review blogs by the Visio MVPs) 130 palabras más


Documenting a Word Template: Document Properties

This post will be mostly code—the VBA code to get information about built-in document properties and custom document properties from a Word template that the user selected, and display that information in a table. 1.188 palabras más


Documenting Word Templates: Creating an Input Form

In the previous post in this series, I talked about selecting a Word template to be analyzed and documented. I actually skipped a step—initiating the analysis and reporting process. 2.048 palabras más



In order to build value for another person, we should invest in ourselves. Investing in ourselves helps build value, and worth in what we do day to day. 544 palabras más


Video Games from my childhood that I miss so damn much

You ever download a mobile game, play it, and immediately delete it because of the amount of annoying ads you get? Especially the ads of that balding guy who is constantly making the WRONG CHOICE about what item to pick to escape from the situation he is in? 850 palabras más

May 2021

Word: ThisDocument vs. ActiveDocument

The Word Object Model includes two Document objects that could be easily confused, ThisDocument and ActiveDocument.

ActiveDocument is the document with the focus. When you create a new document based on a template, it becomes the… 273 palabras más