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Dr. Fauci, Biden’s chief medical adviser, said the Omnicron variant doesn’t appear to be severe.

Omnicron variant early reports are encouraging: Dr. Anthony Fauci

US Department of Health and Human Services said Sunday that while the omicron variant of the Coronavirus has spread rapidly across the country, … 495 palabras más


Do The Crime. Do The Time (Part 2)

In part 1 I listed a number of ways that Democrat District and City Attorneys in the USA have contributed to the crime wave in the USA. 1.597 palabras más



Speaking sense, which is much needed, in regards to forced vaccination and the US Government and Fauci making decisions behind closed doors on behalf of it’s citizens.


CANTERVICE - New single - The Machine

American industrial / electronicore outfit, CANTERVICE have launched a brand new single and lyric video for, The Machine. The hard-hitting track is available now on the usual platforms through their official… 14 palabras más


“Moscow regards concessions as a sign of weakness,” says Ukrainian civil society ahead of Biden-Putin call | Open letter

Ahead of a call between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin, which follows more than a month of a mounting warscare, Ukrainian civil society representatives remind that each attempt “to listen to the Kremlin” has led to another escalation, not a reduction in tensions. 977 palabras más


U.S. Intelligence Has Found ... Easy To Disprove Claims Of A Russian Attack On Ukraine

4 December 2021 — Moon of Alabama

A few years back:

In his State of the Union message in January, President Bush approvingly cited the report.

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