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Ancient Africa's Supreme Lord Olu is Heru-Eli-Hari

Serpent of Life and Eternity’ West Africa Yoruba Wooden Bowl, Museum of Mankind, London

By Bhakti Ananda Goswami

According to some scholarly estimates, as much as 8o% of all African Indigenous Religions are still worshiping One Supreme Father (and Mother) God. 476 palabras más

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2011 Book Interview - The Serpent Eagle Lion & the Disk

Stele of Ra-Horakhty. Priest Renpetmaa praying to Ra-Horakhty. Coated and painted wood, ca. 900 BC (22nd Dynasty) Louvre, Paris
Key Elements of Vishnu Iconography are Represented in this Ancient Egyptian Relief. 161 palabras más
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Akhnaten's 'Sun' Religion in 3 Words - Su Darshan Chakra = God(ly) Vision Disk

Akhnaten worshiped GOD thru His SuDarshan Chakra form that’s Visible everyday to everyone in the Form of the Sun. Rather than animistic monotheism, Akhnaten’s was a Genuine Sacred Revelation =  Su Darshan Chakra= Good Vision Circle = SUN DISK = God Vision Circle

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Kichijoten - Sri Lakshmi the Treasure of Ancient Japan

摩訶室利, 功德天女, 吉祥天女, 功德天 “KICHIJŌTEN – Skt. = Sri Laksmi, Mahasri: Identified with Laksmi, name of the goddess of fortune and beauty frequently in the later mythology identified with Śrī and regarded as the wife of Visnu or Narayana, she sprang from the ocean with a lotus in her hand, whence she is also called Padmā, and is connected in other ways with the lotus.” 203 palabras más

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Vedic Divinities of Japan

NOTE: This highly informative document (below) reveals the many Vedic Divinities still honored today in Japan. It is titled as ‘Hindu Contributions to Japanese Religion… 157 palabras más

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