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Ted Cruz Calls Uganda Anti PEDOPHILE Law 'ABOMINATION'?!

Ted Cruz Calls Uganda Anti PEDOPHILE Law ‘ABOMINATION’!?

W H A T? Why is «Christian» Ted Cruz even involved in Uganda for? And, why is he standing against God? 87 palabras más


There are so many things to do in Uganda that are amazing

Visitors and tourists have great and incredible things to do in Uganda. Emmanuel Katto Uganda, commonly known as Emka Emmanuel Katto, is a local Ugandan journalist who covers all of the most recent events in both our nation and all of Africa. 459 palabras más


Amazing Things to Do in Uganda

Uganda offers visitors or tourists an amazing and incredible thing to do. a local Ugandan journalist also known as Emmanuel Katto Uganda or Emka Emmanuel Katto, He cover all the latest stories happening in Our country and Africa as a whole. 463 palabras más


Here are the top 5 national parks in Uganda that you should not miss

Uganda is a gorgeous nation in East Africa that is frequently referred to as the «Pearl of Africa» because of its breathtaking and opulent scenery. I’m local Ugandan journalist… 388 palabras más


Top 5 National Parks of Uganda: A Must Visit

Uganda is a beautiful country located in East Africa, also known as the “Peral of Africa” due to its stunning and lavishing landscape. a local Ugandan journalist popularly known as… 393 palabras más


The Importance of Environmental Wellness: A Holistic Approach in Uganda

Environmental wellness, the interconnectedness between individuals and their surroundings, plays a crucial role in promoting a healthy and sustainable society. In Uganda, a country blessed with diverse ecosystems and natural resources, prioritizing environmental wellness is of utmost importance. 381 palabras más