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Monitoring input audio with Ubuntu

Monitoring an audio source is a term audio folks use to say that they send the signal from an audio input source (eg. line in or microphone) to an auxiliary audio output (eg. 151 palabras más


Annoying "Failure to load XinitThreads()"

Using GNU Radio on Ubuntu. The message is shown when running a model, after a clean installation. Running the problematic code in Python shows the same warning. 46 palabras más

Grub2: Save Last Boot Option

Over the years there have been many GNU/Linux bootloaders (I remember using loadlin, and syslinux), and these days most distributions are settling on Grub2 ( 220 palabras más


Killing the dpkg frontend lock


Every time I go to use apt-get I get the “Could not get lock” error. 68 palabras más


#AzureIoT – Mapping a local ☁ Azure IoT Edge folder module with an Edge device folder 📁

Hi !

Another quick post in . This one for a very simple scenario when working with Azure IoT modules:

Mapping a local folder in an Azure IoT Edge module with an Edge device folder… 551 palabras más


Modern Honey Network

Using the droplets provided by DigitalOcean, it was possible to deploy and manage a modern honey network. Low and medium interaction honeypots were deployed on the network. 46 palabras más

cat in ubuntu command

cat one-service-tr069.log | grep “New device”