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Firefaucet Update: Withdraw to Gcash and others

An exciting update from Firefaucet. They now offer more options to withdraw our earnings. 🎉

In my previous article about Firefaucet, I made a brief introduction on how to use the site, earn and also the withdrawal process. 687 palabras más


Firefaucet: Automate Your Earnings

Are you a busy person and still want to have some additional earning site through faucets?

Worry no more, Firefaucet can automate your faucet earnings. It means that it will claim your desired cryptocurrencies automatically without clicking every certain minutes and doing boring captcha over and over again. 1.227 palabras más


Tutorial: Linear Depressions

Straight Sad

I’ve always found the term “linear depression” to be vaguely dreary. If we have to go that route, I’d rather have some whimsical curvature going on, a quadratic depression, say, or perhaps an epicycloid sadness. 1.472 palabras más


An IlLUMUnating Post

On Sunday, new Halo footage was released. (Anyone who knows me that, alongside Legend of Zelda, Halo owns my gaming heart.) Anyway, one of the awesome people over at 343 shared a screenshot of a new character named Lumu. 301 palabras más


Watercolor Tea Cake Workshop Tutorial

Cake Series
Watercolor Tutorials

Download the Tutorial
Step-by-Step Workshop Page

View on Rumble

Free to Download and Trace – Cake #watercolorcake #TeaCake
by Tammie Ann Creative … 114 palabras más


Contoh Program Kalkulator Sederhana Menggunakan C++

Contoh Program Kalkulator Sederhana Menggunakan C++– Halo sobat DinPagers, gimana kabar kalian nih ? semoga tetep pada sehat yaa. Pada pertemuan kita kali ini, kami akan sedikit memberikan contoh program kalkulator sederhana pada C++. 1.640 palabras más


C++ Templates – Part 2

As seen in my post on bubble sort, such an algorithm can be generalized to work on any type without much work. The problem is that you can’t use it to sort apples. 595 palabras más