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#DreamTeen: The Present And Future of FC Barcelona

For the uninitiated, #DreamTeen is a wordplay on the name that was given to the legendary Cruyffian team of the 90s: The Dream Team. This is a reflection on the mission of President Joan Laporta to bring glory to FC Barcelona with homegrown talents while playing beautiful football; the kind of football that can earn you a standing ovation at the Santiago Bernabeu. 1.206 palabras más


2021: A Music Odyssey

Hi everyone, it’s Ryan. You’re forgiven if you don’t remember, because it has been a literal trip around the sun since I have posted here last. 3.988 palabras más

Fortnightly Favorites part 2: 10-1

Look, this is just an excuse for me to make another 2 hr playlist of music I love in the hopes that other people will give it a listen and find something they also love. 1.653 palabras más

The Fortnightly Playlist

Trekking highlights in Torres del Paine

My first vacation trip within Chile was to Patagonia, a dangerous choice if only because it’s incredible and now I’m officially obsessed. The first week of November, I did the… 742 palabras más