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Tu color perfecto

Querida Tu,
El color correcto no solo puede hacer o deshacer un esquema de diseño, también puede cambiar la forma en cómo te sientes en un lugar. 347 palabras más

Esbanja hoje o teu sorriso

Esbanja hoje o teu sorriso
Por sentires a vida na pele
Como um abraço vigoroso
Assim o coração o impele

Poupa as tuas lágrimas para um dia mais tarde… 97 palabras más


Do Shampoo Bars Actually Save You Money?

Normally when you buy a bottle of shampoo, you are paying for the water inside the bottle and the bottle itself as well. There are some who claim that shampoo bars are cheaper because they are more condensed and have little to no plastic packaging. 656 palabras más

Smart Best AC Air Conditioner

Every electronic appliance becomes smart and with the rapid growth of technology we can govern these products with mobile very easily. And with the appliances growing number in home, the electricity consumption has been high than past times. 247 palabras más


Best Juicer perfect for you.

“Health is Wealth”

Being Indian, we think body is our temple. We should keep it healthy. Healthy diet plays an important factor in our life. Our elders emphasizes us to drink juice to keep being healthy. 146 palabras más


Best Trimmer you needed to look Suave!!

Men are mean & metrosexual. Appearance is an important aspect of life, career & personal satisfaction. Face caring becomes essential routine for men too.

Beard grooming is one of the most prioritizing daily or weekly activity as it covers approximately half the face. 325 palabras más


Best SmartPhone Choice

Food, Cloth, Home and Smartphone are the 4 necessity of a human being!

Nowadays through mobile we can order Food, Cloth and Home at one tap of finger. 187 palabras más