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i broke down and did it again

i ordered from wish.



alas, it seems that i have not.

by the way, i did actually get the… 326 palabras más

Chronic Pain Coping

makin' squishy makes

after my triumph over the initial squishy i felt as though i could achieve another success. i decided on thicc unicorn. i love thicc unicorn ~so~ much. 594 palabras más

Chronic Pain Coping

squishy - squashie - sqwooshy

i have, in my scouring of the youtube platform, come across moriah elizabeth… not that she is hard to find or part of the dregs of youtube… i just hadn’t come across her before now. 1.080 palabras más

Chronic Pain Coping

Kid Friendly?: A Parents YouTube Channel Review of Moriah Elizabeth

Want to find out if the YouTube channel Moriah Elizabeth is appropriate for your kids, or just about Moriah Elizabeth? You’ve come to the right place! 892 palabras más


Cookie Squishy from Used Makeup Sponges

My daughter and I love watching this Youtube craft channel, Moriah Elizabeth. One of her most popular series is her squishy makeovers.

We tried it out using my old makeup sponges and I’m happy to report that it actually works! 215 palabras más