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Woodcut @ The Crown, Barrangaroo

Woodcut restaurant in Barrangaroo, Crown Sydney is an expansive restaurant on the waterfront. As you enter the Crown Complex, Woodcut can be found on the ground floor. 867 palabras más

Everything Squid In Hakodate, Japan's Squid Capital!

Hakodate is a port city in Japan’s northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido. Because of its history as a squid fishing port, the city has embraced the humble cephalopod as the official mascot. 704 palabras más


Adobong Pusit (Squid Adobo) Filipino Recipe - Kain Tayo Pinas

Easy to cook Adobong Pusit is a squid vinegar, soy sauce, and squid ink dish. This Filipino dish is one of the most common dishes in the Philippines. 216 palabras más

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The intelligence of the Cephalopods!

We couldn’t change the name of this site (ThinkerSquid) without having a post on the cephalopods. We selected two recent articles to understand better the brain’s of squids! 63 palabras más


Cajun Deep Fried Calamari

A lot of people find calamari chewy and tough… well let me tell you – if you make your own you won’t think that any more! 525 palabras más