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Calling Through Darkness



Through darkness



Through death



Through loneliness



Through faith.



It is the World of Wild Waves for Waves can Only be Wild

They move on our grounds

like a young feral cat.

The softest of things

also brings forth attack.

With the same forward motion,

how much one can bring. 27 palabras más

Be Light And Love

Be Light and Love
Once again, we gather here on Humanity Healing Facebook within the energy field of Light and Love.
This morning’s message is simple… Be Light and Love. 623 palabras más

Life in Haiku #95: life force

the heart of all things

brims with a life force of love

waiting to burst forth


Another Daughter Leaving

Virginia and I walk to the Indian place on the corner for our bi-monthly lunch date. They seat us at our favorite booth by the window, and I gaze across the table at her. 695 palabras más

Being Nobody

It’s a cloudy, humid day. It wasn’t like this all day but it’s how it ended up being once I left work today. They say a stray rain shower might happen but nothing big. 1.661 palabras más


Tarot Card of the Day: Death

Tarot Deck: Modern Witch Tarot

As scary as it may seem, there is no reason to fear the Death card. It simply means the end has come. 109 palabras más