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SureM (SuperM) South Korea SPAM Filtering (SK Telecom, LG U+, KT)

This is SureM (SuperM).

Today we would like to introduce about South Korea SPAM Information by All Korean Operators

Firstly, there are many cases where the messages are seen as «delivered» but actually the message is not received on the handset. 94 palabras más

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SureM (SuperM) South Korea Sender ID Regulations

This is SureM (SuperM).

Today we would like to share information of South Korea Sender ID Regulations.

In Korea, before you send Inbound traffic, Sender ID is required and should be pre-registered. 107 palabras más

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20 Years of SMS Interoperability

How we Got Here and What it Meant, and Still Means for Messaging

Text messaging through Short Message Service (SMS) is now ubiquitous and universal. Today, virtually every subscriber in the world has access to simple text messaging. 1.500 palabras más


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নতুন সকাল নতুন দিন নতুন করে শুরু, যা হয়না যেন শেষ,
নতুন বছরের অনেক সুভেচ্ছার সাথে পাঠালাম তোমায় এই sms ।

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SureM (SuperM) 080 free toll number service in South Korea

Hello, This is SureM (SuperM).

Today we would like to introduce precautions when using 080 toll free number to send promotional traffic in South Korea. 91 palabras más

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1. I don’t believe in age,
I believe in energy.
Don’t let age dictate
what you can or cannot do.
Good Morning

2. Dear friend, new opportunities are going away and you will be too late to catch them.

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Top 3 Tips for Credit Unions to know about when Texting

Credit Unions (CUs) have found that their members are requesting the ability to communicate via text messaging. In doing so, CUs have also found it to be very efficient and effective, in turn, providing a better member experience, streamlining operations and enhancing the bottom line. 1.016 palabras más

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