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“En los preámbulos del amor ningún error es corregible”.

Gabriel García Márquez en su personaje Bolívar

Who's Venezuela's Black Revolutionary War Hero?

In the war for independence from the Spanish, Simon Bolívar recruited a solider of African descent for his bravery and skill with the lance, Pedro Camejo. 224 palabras más

Spanish Culture And Language

Bolivar: Belicosos Finos

Bolivar is a big hitter in terms of cigar brands. I have smoked a couple of these cigars in the past, I think initially based on the recommendation of a cigar sommelier in a walk-in humidor. 379 palabras más

Cigar Review

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Most of these great items come from my social media networks. 518 palabras más


Bolivia's Socialist Experiment Lives On: Election Seals Political Clarity but the Country's Future Remains Uncertain

Bolivia’s political crisis may almost be at an end. After Evo Morales was ousted following a controversial election last year, when he had forced through a constitutional amendment to run for an unprecedented fourth term as president, the country had been ruled by an interim leader, Jeanine Áñez. 843 palabras más


Manuela Sáenz: the Liberator’s saviour

On the night of September 25 1828, a small group of armed men approached the presidential palace in Bogotá. Inside, Simón Bolívar lay in bed asleep beside his mistress, Manuela Sáenz. 352 palabras más