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Pity the poor designer…

At long last, after excavating the back yard, taking down a bunch of trees, replacing the furnace, and taking on innumerable other small tasks here at Fortress Jeff, I’m finally ready to start the wheels in motion to renovate the master bathroom. 333 palabras más

Home Improvement

The time ... another dreaded Sunday went by

What happened today. It started pretty well, husband and older went to pray together, older then went to Sunday school.

When did husband’s mood change, let’s think. 964 palabras más

Outdoor shower

For the 9th anniversary of the Fameshed event, Serenity Style created this lovely outdoor shower. A beautiful shower to rezz on your land for taking showers outside with a PG and adult menu. 8 palabras más

Pregnant Cheyenne Floyd’s Bear-Themed Baby Shower: Photos

Bear-cute! Pregnant Cheyenne Floyd rang at the imminent arrival of their second child on their Sunday April 25th at the baby shower – and was suggested. 412 palabras más

Shower Thoughts (National Poetry Writing Month 2021 #29)

The falling water 
Cascades down
Washing away grime

Relaxing peaceful
Pitter pat
As my mind rains down

Finally, a splash
Shower thoughts
Ripple out pristine

– Shaman Romney 2021


Early morning alarm!

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Struggling to wake after the alarm,

Hoping the shower will revive,

The phone!

It’s so early,

Must be an emergency. 41 palabras más