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Entertaining, but not painless

LaLiga is quickly becoming all that we expected before this season started. The theoretical top three (Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico) struggle to win theoretically winnable matches, whereas the following group of teams (Real Sociedad, as well as Sevilla and Villarreal, who both have a game in hand) have quickly become potential contenders for the title. 1.846 palabras más

Weekend Summary

Laura en la Alameda

Laura bailando Escuela Bolera en la Alameda de Sevilla. Una animación constuida a partir de 47 fotogramas.


LaLiga: Granada VS Sevilla

Granada VS Sevilla


Start date: 4 Oct 2021 00:30Location: Granada Venue: Estadio Nuevo Los CarmenesReferee: Javier Alberola Rojas, SpainAvg. cards: 0.13 3.75

back in the saddle

So it’s been a fun month, getting back to my beloved Sevilla Tapas Tours – even had a Sevilla Sherry Tasting last week! – and it’s all been great. 123 palabras más