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Kids and Announcements S.1 Ep. 18 || Femininity || Biblical Womanhood


Since the end of 2020, we have been traveling between two lovely states, which is an opportunity of a life all because of two great tradgedies. 370 palabras más

Season 1

The Wind in the Willows

Just in case you missed the full film last week:

Jose Ferrer in Newhart – The episode where Ned is Dead!

Stop-motion Wind in the Willows, recorded for us by our Nanny: 45 palabras más

Season 1

Chapter 65. Doctor Who and An Unearthly Child (1981)

Synopsis: A thing that looks like a police box, standing in a junkyard. Home to a secretive old man and his strange granddaughter. Two schoolteachers allow curiosity to lead them into a terrifying journey back to a time where the greatest power is the ability to make fire, and the second greatest is merely to survive. 1.097 palabras más

Terrance Dicks

For the last time, Not the Beatles

In which our heroes talk s*** about Let it Be released in 1984 by The Replacements and The Strokes 2001 debut record, Is This It? We also dive into the sprawl of our musical tastes and touch on how things we like change over time. 53 palabras más


Season 1, Episode 21: A Battle of Wheels

When we open this week… Randy is wearing a beret! In fact, dare I say… raspberry? Nah, in this lighting it looks more maroon. Anyway, he and Brad are playing “commandos” and are begging Jill to smear pottery clay on their faces so that they will be dirty. 1.442 palabras más

Season 1

Ep1 // A proposal

Ep 1 // A proposal to you

What if Adventure

Today I give you a proposal of a journey with me. We acknowledge that it talking about marriage obliges us to talk about getting there. 662 palabras más

Season 1

S1E28 • "Gumshoes"

“Tell me about this Noah guy,” Dara said. The size of his hand made the pint of lager it surrounded look like a shot glass. “Is he a detective or something?” 2.047 palabras más