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Season 1, Episode 22: Luck Be a Taylor Tonight

Yes, I know I’m a day later than I said. (Technical difficulties, sorry!)This week, perhaps to make up for that, we skip the set-up and go straight into Tim ranting about how women are all misandrists and hussies. 1.496 palabras más

Season 1

EP3: Asian Beauty Standards & Body Image

Asian beauty standards are known to be notorious!

From having a V-shaped face to the A4 waist challenge, we as Asian women face an ever growing list of so-called “ideal” beauty standards. 145 palabras más


EP2: Living Abroad - Halls, Housemates & Poop

Moving abroad is never easy, especially moving abroad as a teenager.

We have all lived abroad (away from our families) since a young-ish age, with varying living arrangements throughout the years, be it with a stranger, an acquiantance, a friend, a good friend, a sibling, boyfriend, a host family and even living alone. 120 palabras más



Since this is my first blog post why not just introduce myself. First I am a proud Boricua raised in Bushwick, Brooklyn (before it was gentrified). 412 palabras más

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Episode Recap: New Hope

Welcome back to the blog, fellow Brookfield fans!

Alrighty, the day has come! Today I’m doing my very first episode recap of When Hope Calls. … 10.361 palabras más


S1E29 • "Light Gray"

“Do you like this brand?” Gavin asked, holding a pack of bottled cider by its cardboard handle up for Varrick. “It’s all Noah had sitting around the house.” 1.596 palabras más


The Season 1 Finale Plot Twist Predictions - could they still happen? (Part 1)

When filming for Season 1 was coming to an end in March 2017, I joined the “Guess the Season Finale Plot Twist” Game on Twitter. The point is to make crazy and whacky predictions about a Season Finale – predictions that probably won’t happen, but actually COULD happen. 1.287 palabras más