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LANL: David Chavez Selected Fellow Of The American Chemical Society

David Chavez working in his lab at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Photo Courtesy LANL


David Chavez, deputy group leader of the High Explosives Science and Technology group at Los Alamos National Laboratory, has been selected as a member of the 2021 class of Fellows of the American Chemical Society (ACS). 479 palabras más


Do Māsks Work?

Now with the CDC revising its policies once again, it’s worth the time to look into the actual effectiveness of masks at preventing spreads of pathogens. 604 palabras más



Welcome to the If Then Because blog! This is the place where the biggest news stories in Canada and around the world are summarized using the “if, then, because” hypothetical format. 177 palabras más


The Simplest Math Problem No One Can Solve

The Collatz Conjecture is the simplest math problem no one can solve — it is easy enough for almost anyone to understand but notoriously difficult to solve. 221 palabras más


Out of the dark abyss

Based on the Inktober 52 2021 prompt ‘Planet’


The planet that gently circled around the outer edge of the window was the more gorgeous thing I had even seen. 622 palabras más


On learning from weather forecasts that go wrong

(Note: I adapted this post from a letter I wrote to some friends.)

You can learn from when weather forecasts go wrong. I learned this from the late aviation journalist Richard Collins. 1.083 palabras más


A perfectly preserved cave lion cub found frozen in Siberia is 28,000 years old. Even its whiskers are intact.

Found frozen deep in the Siberian Arctic, the cave lion cub looks like she’s asleep and one touch might awaken her.

The cub’s golden fur is matted with mud but otherwise undamaged. 845 palabras más