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A brief dictionary of Putin newspeak

Paul A Goble

Edited by: A. N.

As George Orwell warned more than half a century ago, a dictatorship that can enforce its definition of key terms on the population provides itself with an incredibly powerful defense because all too often people use the terms it has redefined for its own purposes in discussions about it and are unable to adequately understand the situation. 564 palabras más



*Trigger warning: dead bodies*

There’s blood on my hands. I don’t know when it got there, or how. We were shooting, how am I covered in blood? 991 palabras más

Anastasia Screamed in Vain

I stuck around Saint Petersburg

When I saw it was time for a change

Killed the Tsar and his ministers

Anastasia screamed in vain.” 2.222 palabras más


After the Biden-Putin Geneva Summit

Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden

With little expectations, but a lot of combinations and nervousness, was the long awaited summit of the Presidents of America and Russia a failure? 1.793 palabras más

United States