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365 Project – Day 57

26 February 2021, Rome (Italy)
Let’s surround ourselves with the Great Beauty. 21 palabras más


Beauty and the Nerd: Chapter 5

Yuru was disheartened as she walked alongside Colby, Shawna, and Mina after school. Her plan to hog Colby to herself was thwarted as they headed towards her house instead of Colby’s to hang out. 6.386 palabras más

Beauty And The Nerd

Romani communities in a new social Europe: next IRiS webinar announced

Book cover, Romani Communities and Transformative Change, 2020

This IRIS webinar draws on Roma community voices and expert research collected in the recently published book “Romani Communities and Transformative Change. 456 palabras más


Football Manager, Roma, and Me.

I’m not alone in being a fan of the Football Manager series.

Whether you see it as a deep, tactical simulator, or just a bunch of spreadsheets, … 404 palabras más

Football Manager

Rome · Trastevere & Janiculum Hill

With its name deriving from the Latin “trans Tiberim”, literally meaning “beyond the Tiber”, Trastevere is a charming, colorful neighborhood in the southwest of Rome with a long history, even though it wasn’t considered part of the city until under the reign of Emperor Augustus. 462 palabras más


Gluten Free Rome?

As someone who dates a bread rejector, I’m all too informed of the hassle coeliac disease presents whilst travelling. Gluten-Free dining can be a farce in the UK. 1.085 palabras más

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