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enero 27, 2022

A velvet silence. A cradling stillness.

Azazel now comes to me multiple times each day. I sink into a deep trance of bliss. 491 palabras más

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Grief Waters

author’s note:

As they say in the movies: based on a true story.


In the time of intense grief
I went to the water

hoping to create a cathartic ritual 
that would free me from 
my burden of emotion. 291 palabras más
New Age

Morning Ritual

Morning Ritual

I woke up early Sunday morning, her still sleeping. Thankfully, it seemed to happen so rarely, and I adored to see her resting. I quietly made my way from the room and started her coffee, and then to the shower to get clean and ready for the morning routine. 883 palabras más


Kava-Kava Tincture / Teinture mère de kava

Photo by LVNEA

Ingredients: piper methysticum, vodka

Safety w/ Herbs

When using new herbs, verify that they are not counter indicated with any existing medical issue/medications you are taking. 284 palabras más

Trauma Support

Why Practice is Everything

Practice is the basis of everything. Most of what you’ve admired of someone has come with practice, which is right after the main catalyst, when desire and dedication kiss. 442 palabras más


The Secret of Vedas

Do you know english? Of course you do if you can read this, but can you understand any topic just because it is written in English? 546 palabras más

Perfect Puppycat Positioning

Gizzie had decisions to make this morning. Right or left, Mommy? Where’s my blankie? He climbed on my tray, on the side table, on my chest, on the chair, and then tried my right side. 51 palabras más