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Is Donald Trump the leader of these white supremacist that are now being considered a domestic terrorist threat?

He certainly is an instigator. He’s hiding behind the 1st amendment. 11 palabras más


Crazed Mob

The retrumplicans have turned the Republican party into a crazy mob of lunatics. Their belief in everything Trump says is true is ridiculous. We know it’s all a sham. 101 palabras más


Bipartisan what?

The Republican legislature is riddled with liars insurrectionist and crazy conspiracy theorists.

Who are you going to legislate with the Republican party is a sham. 24 palabras más


Give it up for U.S. Congress

It’s signed into law and aid is on the way!

Hey, they did it! They passed a truly meaningful piece of legislation in the 1.9 trillion Recovery Act. 43 palabras más


The end of a blowhard

Thank god, Rush Limbaugh’s big fat mouth is closed forever.

Let it be that no one picks up his line of crap to peddle to the naive unaware. 22 palabras más


Let me introduce to you

I’d like you to hear from my friend
Tyrone Hussein ‘the dreamer’ Nguyen.

We’ve been friends for decades and I’m glad to welcome him as a casual contributor to the Rahkanee blog. 44 palabras más


Still Believers

Anybody that still thinks trump won the election either lives in a cave or is batshit crazy. Believe that.