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Angsty teen writings

I was going through some old papers and I found a fan fiction I had handwritten when I was 20 for The Flying Doctors, an Aussie TV series that ran during the late 1980s/early 1990s that I loved. 933 palabras más

Real Life

hot boy summer

What a month, y’all. Work has been gold, albeit insanely busy! I’ve been all over the ICUs this month so my daily learned tidbits are quite vast. 1.659 palabras más

Physical Therapy


There was a time when I was happy,

A time when I was free,

Now all I am is an empty shell of me,

I walk this world alone, 91 palabras más


Touched by an Angel

A grocery shopping trip that ended in a Hospital Emergency Room

Hospitals are very interesting places in the sense that everyone that is there is on the same level. 1.516 palabras más

Nova Scotia


I have been a member of CND for many years, but this comment above came out of the blue, uninfluenced by me. There’s a great graphic novel called Springtime in Chernobyl by Emmanuel Lepage, both Baxter and I would recommend, that we bought a few days after this conversation.

A Lockdown Story

During my one month “break” off social media, sharing on platforms, while fasting, this short story came out and I shared it on my Wattpad account under the “Short Story” book. 257 palabras más

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