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Data Structures in R

Before I learned R, I had previously only programmed in Matlab. Matlab and R have comparable options for data types and treat objects very similarly, but R, and specifically the Tidyverse, has this whole other vocabulary for data structures. 837 palabras más

R syntax highlighting

So WordPress has added support for syntax highlighting in several languages including Python, R and SQL. In the future I may post about interesting snippets of codes on certain topics, such as factor investing. 202 palabras más

Factor Investing

Game Review - Call of Cthulhu 2nd Ed

First through seventh and even the d20 version. The mechanics for sanity in the d20 version are a bit weaker than the BRP version but it is still easily workable and gives you a very similar feel. 2.203 palabras más


Mapping Nigeria's Geopolitical Zones in R

The other day I got an email from a researcher who is using the naijR package, which, among other things, helps with the drawing of plot maps of Nigeria. 268 palabras más

Computers & Internet

HR /2025

Another lockdown later, here I am. As I complete my Masters degree, I can’t help but wonder how exactly I would be able to add value to the Human Resources function as a practitioner and a manager. 903 palabras más


The Projective Plane

I have been thinking some more about the famous Möbius strip (see also my post on the Klein bottle). The so-called “Sudanese Möbius Band” in the video above is a Möbius strip stretched so as to make the boundary perfectly circular (it is not named after the country, but after the topologists Sue E. 117 palabras más