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Woodworking: First-ever chairs project (Part 7)

To this point, I had been concerned that the chairs project was doomed. As of the writing of this post, the chairs still are not completely done, and as I’ve established before, I prefer for my projects to work out fully, but I don’t know at the start if they will. 262 palabras más

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TEKHTM day 2

I had been there from 2:00pm-4:00pm.

Standing and looking lens. I stood on 4 corners of the 20m square and watched to the center of the square and and then the surrounding environment.


3D Modelling in Solidworks

As part of my third year in University, I was introduced to the 3D modelling software Solidworks. Over the course of a semester I created several different projects which I will outline in this post. 169 palabras más


Maps and World-Building

I like books with maps in the front, and since you’ve found a way to a publishing website that primarily focuses these days on fantasy and science fiction, there’s a good chance that you share my opinion. 1.370 palabras más

Blood Magic

Bringing an Element of Control to the Unpredictable Nature of Technology.


This page is a summary of a digital instrument my groupmate and I created using Arduino code and the Ableton Live music software for a performance technology module. 887 palabras más


Angel is Getting Re-wired, Factors Considered

What a Journey, for Angel and her gearheads! Angel has come a long way in time and distance to her gearheads. Angel is a 1933 Plymouth PD and her wires need a bit of re-doing, so, Angel’s gearheads have decided to re-wire Angel. 273 palabras más


Join the Buggy Battles of Calderdale!

There’s a new contest in our neck of the woods and you will be challenged to put your inventiveness, courage and garbage? to the test in the Buggy Battles of Calderdale! 446 palabras más

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