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What if rain stops falling.

What if the sun stops shining.

What if the plants refuse to grow.

What if the fruits refuse to ripen. 166 palabras más


My dog dances with his rope toy
Shakes it from side to side
As he prances front paws high
Looking like a Chinese dragon

A dog like tango, sudden turns… 37 palabras más


Covid-19, 20,21, ... Our Tryst

I’m recounting my experience with covid so that people will get aware of this malady if they unfortunately face this fact. There is a wide range of symptoms which people report, pre covid, during covid, and post covid. 1.044 palabras más


Aretha Franklin's "I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You"

Released: March 10, 1967

Label: Atlantic

Genre: Southern Soul

Producer: Jerry Wexler


Aretha Franklin was an established recording artist by the time the year 1967 came around. 1.506 palabras más


An odd day...

It’s been an odd day. I rose early, got the coffee on and watered my window box. I feel nervous going out of my gates because my neighbour verbally abused me in public with witnesses. 129 palabras más



Another fairly still start to the day with light NW winds increasing in strength and turning West. Another 5.30 am start with most of the good birding limited to the first part of the day. 190 palabras más