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MUSIC/TELEVISION: The Eurovision Song Contest 2022 (dir. Cristian Biondani and Ducci Forzano)

The role of Eurovision in a time of war is always a fraught one. During its half-century of existence, Eurovision’s participants have been involved in any number of conflicts that have cast a shadow over a festival which fundamentally celebrates togetherness and shared values, as well as being one of the few bastions of visibly progressive politics around gender and sexuality. 958 palabras más


Sunshine Sunday-15 May 2022

Whether or not there’s sunshine where you are in the world this Sunday, we hope you’ll enjoy a sunny track, and that it uplifts your spirit. 103 palabras más

Daily Sounds

Day 104/365: Dakoda Motor Co. "Grey Clouds" from Into the Son

The Southern California, post-punk, surf-pop band Dakoda Motor Co. serves up a fun Song of the Day (SOTD). It is the second track off their debut record. 187 palabras más

Sunday Service

Red Skies Mourning "Where You Been?"

One of my favorite alt-pop acts right now, Red Skies Mourning, has just released a third single this year, last month, on April 29th entitled, « 651 palabras más


jessy lanza - pull my hair back (2013)

Jessy Lanza’s Hyperdub debut is a harmonious electronic display of synth-pop and R&B. The Canadian singer/songwriter/producer/DJ’s soprano vocals take flight above ethereal melodies and drums, refusing to be drowned out by stacked production. 72 palabras más

Album Review