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The Corona Diaries - Day 409

It is still remarkably cold. It’s been weird. We’ve had this for weeks. It’s dry and sunny but very cold. Quite strange. This global warming is proving to have very strange effects. 528 palabras más

Conservatives are Not Getting Vaccinated, to Own the Libs

Today, I received a text from our local pharmacy here in North Carolina, asking us to contact two friends or family members and tell them to get …

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Making my mark

It’s ten years since I last encouraged you to get out and vote, citing all the standard reasons why. Well, lots of you did and, in line with my warning in the final sentence of that post, it seems things have gone horribly wrong in the time since. 310 palabras más

Just Me, Blogging ...

Propaganda savaşında roller değişince: AKP'nin, "CHP Yalan Üretim Merkezi" videosu #RuşenÇakır

5 Mayıs 2021 İstanbul AK Parti Genel Merkezi tarafından paylaşılan üç dakikalık “CHP Yalan Üretim Merkezi” başlıklı animasyon videosu kısa sürede yüzbinlerce kez izlendi. Peki böyle bir video hedeflediği amaca ulaşabilir mi? Nasıl?


on fact checkers

In recent years social media platforms have introduced fact-checking to combat information being circulated that is false on their platforms. This has in consequence given rise to many right-wing users to think that censorship is only accelerating because of this and that it’s a bad thing. 234 palabras más

Production Falls, Prices Up, Trade Balance Worsens…Welcome To OBiden’s New Normal…Despited Trillions In Stimmy Candy

Source: CD Media Staff

With well over $8 trillion in Federal spending being worked through Congress this year, the ‘stimulus’ sugar high is already beginning to wear off, after a few good months of low-information voter optimism. 263 palabras más

US News

There's no big secret to good government communications

This column appears here out of sequence, as it first appeared on on April 19th. In it, I look at this government’s problems with communications, particularly the Fianna Fáil side of it. 1.365 palabras más

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