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Fresh Eyes

Today, every year, is unlike other days
For me;
It always will be.
And on days like today,
I look at things differently,
Or for some reason, 289 palabras más


Hurry Question

I see plastic

And I see it’s bags

If it’s bad

Why do we still use that


On a long enough time line

Everything turns to pass

Hospital appointment

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Bring a sample

The letter says.

What in?

Spice jar,

Wine bottle,

Whisky jar,

Water bottle,

Jam jar,

Sauce bottle? 8 palabras más


Musicians Wrestle Everywhere — Emily Dickinson hears songs as they are created

I’ve just spent much of a day with Emily Dickinson. I’ll tell you it was enjoyable, not the least because there is a factor in many of her poems: they grow when you spend time with them. 971 palabras más


Last Word

By Ramsha Rizvi

When I read other people’s words
I feel hot and cold at once.
It is the feeling of your feelings
handed to you on a… 185 palabras más


Les siècles maudits

Les siècles maudits

par Charles Marie René Leconte de Lisle

Hideux siècles de foi, de lèpre et de famine,
Que le reflet sanglant des bûchers illumine ! 300 palabras más


In Bloom

There is nothing
quite like witnessing
someone you love
in the unabashed summer
of their best life.

A human in bloom,
wearing their best dress, 100 palabras más