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41. Taylor Swift's Fourth of July Parties

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Kressie and Ali travel through time, recounting Taylor’s famous 4th of July parties over the years (2013, 2014, 2015, and of course, the infamous 2016). 175 palabras más


Pink turns Black

These are the shownotes that go with The Infected Podcast 11, season 3;

The Lebanon – The Human League (1982)

The name of the band The Human League was taken from a sci-fi board game called Star Force. 3.109 palabras más


🤭Was Medical school what we expected it would be or....?

😂”It was all joy..”

🤨”I learnt to develop tough skin that nothing can surprise me anymore..”

😇”When my motivation is down, I key into my mum’s own motivation”..

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EP23 My Friend is a Satanist Now What?

This Episode is largely for people who may learn someone they know is a Satanist and would like to know about what Satanism is.  This episode does not have any swearing or normal  introduction to make it more open to many different type of people.


Dealing with emotional triggers

Emotional triggers are deep rooted trauma or pain that fester inside of oneself learning how to deal with them in a rational way can free your mind body and soul from living in captivity!