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Andai Aku Andrea Agnelli (part 1) featuring @andarsofian dan @edosimo is out!

Link: Andai Aku Andrea Agnelli (part 1) on Signora Podcast tempat ngobrol Juventini.

Sejauh mana sih prestasi sebuah tim dan pemain bintang yang dimiliki terhadap saham sebuah klub. 42 palabras más


Uni4M Podcast - Patience, Perseverance and Eternal Rewards

Patience, Perseverance and Eternal Rewards. Listen to United for the Messiah’s Bible study of James 5:7-12.

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How to Pursue Your Dreams Unapologetically with Lauren Aparicio

Are you being open to opportunities that might transition your goals? As you pursue your dreams and passions, you have to be flexible to morph into something else that might be even better.

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41. Taylor Swift's Fourth of July Parties

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Kressie and Ali travel through time, recounting Taylor’s famous 4th of July parties over the years (2013, 2014, 2015, and of course, the infamous 2016). 175 palabras más