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Your 10,000 Mile Checkup

Today we’re talking about how to keep improving as a conductor long after you’ve left school. By running a regular checkup, you can identify what bad habits are getting in your way. 114 palabras más


Episode 43: The Myths about Makerspaces with Spencer Sharp

You can also listen to this episode here.


Maddie (02:43):
Spencer Sharp is an elementary STEM teacher from Indiana, who built the STEM program at his school from scratch. 10.437 palabras más


Ep 43 - You get 5 Seconds

In this episode, we talk to Teneyia! She shares her upcoming story on how she went from being a fitness trainer to Network Engineer. She shares her viewpoints on motivation vs discipline, and why one matters way more than another. 88 palabras más


The Bradbury Chronicles

Artwork copyright Whittard 2021

I am excited to announce a new project, The Bradbury Chronicles Podcast, coming soon.


To all our friends.

This was a poem I wrote with my listeners live on my podcast. Each verse has been written by a different person, the theme of the poem was friendship! 490 palabras más

Focus less on loses and more on gains

When we think of a “witness,” we perhaps think of someone testifying in a trial. They have seen something personally which they speak about publicly. As a result, truth and justice are served. 371 palabras más

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