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The Longest 50 Seconds

As I prepare music for a Chopin recital that I am to give in the future, I have been working away at challenging passages on a mazurka at the piano, where time seems to alter for me. 141 palabras más


There's no "quick fix" to playing the piano

The internet is full of articles promising to help you learn to play the piano


V-Day 2021

Love this watercolor effect on a video app on iPad…

Playing the theme from one of my all-time favorite movies, Big

Happy Valentine’s Day! 💕


Revisiting repertoire: clean score or old score?

I began working on the Franck Violin Sonata this week after a 15 year hiatus. I performed it several times in grad school with my husband/cellist, Erik Anderson, and then played it with my violin colleague at Minot State University, Dr. 701 palabras más

Piano Practice

Piano Practice and Performance

As my extended family gathered in my living room at the conclusion of a two-day family reunion, my sister asked my oldest son to play the piano piece he had composed himself. 548 palabras más


Using Interleaved Practice Strategies at the Piano

I have been hearing about interleaved practice for a good decade at this point, and while I often share this strategy for getting information to stick with my students, I wonder how often they use interleaved practice, and if they are going about it in a thoughtful way. 960 palabras más

Piano Practice

Everything We Play

Your Stories
guest post by Amy Boyes

I am delighted to share this reflective and uplifting vignette by Canadian pianist and educator Amy Boyes.

“Everything We Play” … 1.133 palabras más

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