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Into the depths of Peru

I was nervous because I had booked a trip on the Inca trail. I’d read it’s a hard trail, mainly because of the altitude and since this would be my first time at such an altitude, I had no idea how my body would react. 1.046 palabras más


Peru Pics

The last chance before you can turn back. I went forward.


This week I am Cooking Chicken Chaufa

Lets face it, we all have some left over roast chicken after the Sunday dinner. (well we do in my house anyway). I bet if you showed me your carcass I could find some tasty bits of chicken that most forget about or may not even know they are there. 264 palabras más



Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

6.7 earthquake hits the Mauritius-Reunion region.

5.6 earthquake hits north of Halmahera, Indonesia.

5.4 earthquake hits near the coast of central Peru. 45 palabras más


Pray with us for Peru

Sophia White is a student part of Step Into the Gap programme in CAFOD. She is sharing with us what she has discovered while at CAFOD and raising our awareness on issues affecting Peru. 647 palabras más


Walking As Never Before

Photo by Mahlon Barasch

Most of my life I have thought of walking as a good way to get from one place to another. It is also good exercise. 475 palabras más



Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

5.8 earthquake hits Mindoro in the Philippines.

5.6 earthquake hits New Britain, Papua New Guinea.

5.3 earthquake hits Fiji.

5.3 earthquake hits offshore El Salvador. 18 palabras más