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Does a book have to be impactful to be meaningful?

List three books that have had an impact on you. Why?

I’ve always had a difficult time connecting to things on an emotional level. Sure, there are things I enjoy.

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With so many things happening now at work, I have decided to just keep quiet.

I just don’t feel appreciated, and everyone is just treating me like a rubbish chute whereby they can keep throwing things over. 29 palabras más

Tormented Tired Tuesday

I have been watching nothing but DVDs since I got rid of cable.  I have watched my way through the entire series of Columbo and most of  251 palabras más


Journal- 6/7/2023 (Movie Reviews, Brain Dumpings, and the Search for Clarity)

I disappeared for a bit. Oops. But what does it matter? I’m here now, anyway.

Guess what? I’m finally using this blog for what I intended to and possibly what you, my dear reader, expected me to publish. 1.133 palabras más


Book review: Weapons of Math Destruction

Math deserves much better than the WMDs and democracy does too.

Cathy O’Neil, Author, Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy…

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Day-388 Ankara IV

I woke up in the morning and packed my belongings. My girlfriend came to the guesthouse, and we picked up my things. We walked around the campus and visited places like Devrim Stadium and a restaurant. 226 palabras más


His & His

The interabled married gay couple that have restored my hope in love and showed me that true love can overcome everything

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