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Beneath the Surface: You Are Not Alone

Written by Katherine Breeher

Content warnings: self-harm, psychosis, hallucinations

The National Alliance on Mental Illness for 2021’s Mental Health Awareness Month (May) have chosen the theme of… 808 palabras más

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Organized, Confident, and Dedicated

Written by: Aly Gerdes

Content Warning: mental illness

the runaway train of “what-if”,

the hurricane of “maybe I should”.



“is it normal to?” 175 palabras más

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Written by Madeline Hansen

I am prepared to plunge into this summer

Like a deep, cool pool, overflowing with joy like so many gallons of water… 193 palabras más

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Count Your Cries

Written by Audrey Cadena

In situations when you have found yourself crying or about to cry in front of other people, have you ever been hit with responses such as… 828 palabras más

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To My First Best Friend

Written by Kie Calcagno

Dear Mom,

I never tell you this enough, but you inspire me. Every day, you wake up and go to work and deal with little 2 to 5-year-olds and their parents who don’t want to let go just yet. 538 palabras más

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Consent Matters In and Out of Relationships


Content Warning: rape, uncomfortable sexual themes, mentions of racism

The last piece I wrote was my story and my experience, this issue I wanted to share a story of an old friend. 675 palabras más

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