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Hen, chick, and hen in neighboring park,楼下的母鸡小鸡和公鸡

母鸡和小鸡, hen and chicks. How many chicks you find?

In the neighborhood park outside the Hdb house building, there is a hen with her chicks, about 4. 53 palabras más


Sun, iced tea and carbs

Sitting the park in the sun for a bit.

Making my own iced tea.

Mountains of carbs for lunch and dinner.

February 2021 in Rosarito Part 4

To keep Vale entertained, we tried to find another playground for her for a change of scenery. We found one that looked awesome on Google Maps, but unfortunately, upon our arrival, it was fenced off and closed for the day. 197 palabras más

Watkins Glen State Park

Instead of Watkins Glen State Park this article should really be

titled “the time I thought I was going to be kidnapped and… 1.431 palabras más