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Dr. Vicki Schneider Lake Dog Park

I highly recommend Dr. Vickie Schneider Lake Dog Park, as it’s not only an amazing place to connect with fellow dog lovers + owners, but a wonderful place for my dog to socialize and meet other dogs + their owners. 375 palabras más


White Flowers

Camera Samsung Galaxy On Max
ISO 32
Exposure Time 1/495 s
Focal Length 3.71 mm
White Balance Auto
Aperture F1.7
Flash Flash Used


The Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada is a mountain range in the Western United States that lies between the Central Valley (a flat, elongated valley that dominates the interior of California) and the  219 palabras más


beam me up, scotty!

beam me up, scotty!


dammit scotty! i’m up here, you beam the wrong guy!


Hen, chick, and hen in neighboring park,楼下的母鸡小鸡和公鸡

母鸡和小鸡, hen and chicks. How many chicks you find?

In the neighborhood park outside the Hdb house building, there is a hen with her chicks, about 4. 53 palabras más


Sun, iced tea and carbs

Sitting the park in the sun for a bit.

Making my own iced tea.

Mountains of carbs for lunch and dinner.