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Reblog: Save Silwan

Silwan territory is located in Jerusalem, south of Al-Aqsa Mosque. Silwan includes 12 neighborhoods, where a total 15762 residents of 6 neighborhoods of Silwan are endangered with eviction.

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War & Peace

Dismantling Myths on Israel-Palestine

A panel discussion featuring: Mezna Qato, Cambridge University Mouin Rabbani, Jadaliyya Shira Robinson, George Washington University. Includes history to present and analysis of the myths that circulate around current events in Israel-Palestine.  190 palabras más

Human Rights

Weekly Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestine 10 – 16 June 2021


10 – 16 June 2021

  • 7 Palestinians killed in Nablus in IOF excessive use of lethal force in the West Bank, including 2 women, 2 children, and 2 members of Palestinian security services…
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Israeli police arrest 11 Palestinians in Deir Al Asad

The Israeli police on Sunday arrested 11 Palestinians from Deir Al Asad in 1948-occupied Galilee.

Watch| Israeli occupation forces threw tear gas canisters at houses in the town of Silwan, in the occupied Jerusalem while they were searching for a child to detain him.

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If Bibi Was the Frying Pan, Is Bennett the Fire? What To Expect from Israel’s New PM

By Jessica Buxbaum


“It’s not like replacing Netanyahu with a person who believes in equality for all, who believes in freedom for all, who believes in human rights for all. 1.341 palabras más


Where Infrastructure Means Prisons: A Drive into the Naqab and the Illusion of Israeli Democracy

By Miko Peled


Out of close to 250,000 Palestinian Beduin in the Naqab, about half live in “unrecognized villages.” This means they get no roads, no electricity or running water, no schools or medical facilities — no services at all. 1.220 palabras más

1967 conquests were planned

Arab prisoners of war being led blindfolded to interrogation in the Old City of Jerusalem, 8 June 1967

For years, most Israeli historiography maintained that the country’s decision makers were taken by surprise by the fruits of the victory that were harvested with lightning speed in June 1967. 198 palabras más