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A Day in the life of an Otaku!

Otaku rule indeed!

Just moments after clicking on the publish button for my latest post (Anime for your Coffee Break) I found that I had just published my 50th blog post. 945 palabras más


2021 Leftovers: Heads Up, I Don't Need You

This is probably one of the things that I should’ve written back in 2021 with how dated the songs are as of this writing but I decided to give them a fair and unbiased review now that the hype for both songs have kinda died down. 488 palabras más


Nightcore in the cottage

It’s the same each and every night

Highspeed chase featured in my mind

Safety nets and horror deaf

Each and every feeling met

Sleepy eyes and carelessness… 70 palabras más


The fourth annual WordPress anime awards have arrived!

Moshi moshi everyone and welcome to the fourth annual WordPress Anime Awards! An awards ceremony created by fans for fans! I am sure many of you are back to vote for all of your 2021 anime favorites and we are oh so happy to see your friendly faces once again for another round of voting. 295 palabras más


2021 Recap, Shout-outs and 2022 Resolutions

Favorite Bloggers and Blog of the year

Traditional Catholic Weeb (Most comments received)

Sushirainbow (Best twitter friend)

Lita & Egghead Luna (honorable mentions)

Best New Blog we found… 327 palabras más



PLUMが2020年に販売し今年2022年に再販される、『ご注文はうさぎですか??』のチマメ隊(チノ、マヤ、メグ)夏制服バージョンの1/7スケールフィギュアを、マヤの声を演じる徳井青空が開封レビューする動画をみた。 33 palabras más