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A Senior’s Look Back on 6th Grade

Natalie Kocherzat, Grade 12

As we enter the 4th quarter, the end of the year, and subsequently the end of high school for seniors, is rapidly approaching. 518 palabras más


Sam Kerr: The perfect example for struggling Werner to follow

A big money signing brought to Stamford Bridge from foreign shores experiencing a nightmare period in front of goal – heard that one before? Arriving at Chelsea in November 2019 with huge expectations to go with her huge contract (believed to be worth around $600,000 per year, one of the most lucrative deals in Women’s football), Kerr appeared to be a shadow of her former self. 2.047 palabras más


Senior Spotlight: Anika Weber

Robin Clement, Grade 12

Anika Weber is a senior literary artist at CAPA, where they have been attending since sixth grade. They were born and raised in Pittsburgh, they’re a Taurus, and if you’ve seen them around, you’ve probably noticed their killer sense of style and flawless makeup works, and if you’re in literary, you’ve definitely heard them read their amazing, macabre-style work that manages to be both beautiful and disgusting at the same time. 799 palabras más



Let’s consider the following questions:

  1. Do you tip your bankteller when you go into the bank to deposit or withdraw money?
  2. Do you tip the cashier at grocery stores when they ring you up?
  3. 751 palabras más

Warming Oceans Are Making the Climate Crisis Significantly Worse

By Harold R. Wanless

The climate emergency is bigger than many experts, elected officials, and activists realise. Humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions have overheated the Earth’s atmosphere, unleashing punishing heat waves, hurricanes, and other extreme weather—that much is widely understood. 1.217 palabras más


TODAY'S BIG STORY: Unpopular Biden policies turning swing congressional districts toward the GOP.

President Joe Biden’s pro-migration policy is so unpopular that it is flipping multiple congressional swing districts towards GOP candidates, according to two polls funded by the Heritage Action. 76 palabras más


Orphan X By Gregg Hurwitz | Florence G

“Do you need my help?”

It was the first question he asked. They called when they had nowhere else to turn.

The Nowhere Man is a legendary figure spoken about only in whispers.

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