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Envelhecer é processo natural!

Vamos envelhecer com saúde, energia, força e vigor?

você terá mais tempo para desfrutar a vida. Um estudo alega que idosos precisam dormir cerca de 1,5 horas a menos do que seus colegas mais jovens. 143 palabras más


Which Open Source License is best for you?

3 minute read

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The right open source licence is necessary to protect your intellectual property and an important factor in maintaining license compliance management. 501 palabras más


Network Detection and Response - Part 2

Okay so we have some form of definition of what we are looking for, how might we achieve this with Open Source Tools. This list is not exhaustive or by any means the be all and end all of open source tools or solutions but maybe it will spark some further investigation for someone. 283 palabras más


Latin - Ler, escrever, entender, compor!

A gramática latina não é exatamente parecida com a gramática do português, o que pode tornar o aprendizado da língua bastante desafiador.

A língua latina possui seis casos que se organizam-se em cinco declinações. 242 palabras más


VersionEye 2.0

More than 3 years ago I discontinued VersionEye. I was operating it for almost 7 years and at the end I was pretty much burned out! 1.611 palabras más

Continuous Updating

C# standard goes open source!

“The C# standards committee moved its work into Open Source, enabling C# developers worldwide to participate in the standardization effort.”

Source: Announcing Open Source C# standardization | .NET Blog


Allwinner plans to release Linux capable RISC-V SOC this year

Searching for more info about their new H313 SOC I found old news from August 2020, where Allwinner announce the development of AP SOC with RISC-V and praising Open Source Hardware and the open ISA of RISC-V. 169 palabras más

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