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Why Are Blacks Resisting Vaccinations? Staples Of History Tells The Story-

Will you consider the Critical Race Theory placed on the USA school system’s syllabus and taught to students while at the same time, our USA borders are wide opened for (mainly) Blacks from Haiti to come in?

Media Dialogue

WCW Road Wild August 9 1997

WCW returns to Sturgis, South Dakota for Road Wild. Tony Schiavone is with Dusty Rhodes and Bobby Heenan at the announce table to preview some of the matches. 2.906 palabras más


WCW Monday Nitro August 4 1997

Michael Buffer opens WCW Monday Nitro in the ring as there is a sign in the crowd covering the camera almost perfectly. The camera moves to show Buffer getting the crowd ready for the night. 3.639 palabras más


WCW Monday Nitro July 28 1997

Nitro is live from Charleston, West Virginia this week. They begin with a dance routine from the Nitro girls. Once they are done and leave the entrance ramp, the NWO music starts playing.Tony Schiavone says Nitro is going to start with a tag match. 2.656 palabras más


Oh, Omnipotent Overlord Master Of All, Keep Me Safe From My Own Mind

At this point, this type of article from Political Moonshine, to me, seems to be stating the obvious. Unfortunately, to a majority it’s not.

Fact Checkers within mainstream media do not live up to their title; they are actually keepers of the official narrative that is bolstered by propaganda. 61 palabras más


The Relentless Pursuit Of Power

Great interview with Harry Vox from Unsafe Space on Bitchute.

There’s been a small number of people who’ve said I was being antisemitic by posting his stuff, I’m not saying… 613 palabras más