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I think I all too often believe that saying, “No,” to something offered me is a bad thing. But that mostly feels to be so from cultural training, so to speak, and not from my own heart, not from within.

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Whoopty doop, i gotta poop

I have a lot of theories, want to hear another one?

The roadblock that prevents people from enjoying a multi-day camping trip is poop!

It’s the first thing to come to mind when presented with the idea of a couple days away. 241 palabras más

SCARS OF SOLITUDE - New single - No Riddance

Finnish melodic metalcore outfit SCARS OF SOLITUDE announce the release of their new single, No Riddance, together with a new music video. The track is available on the usual platforms via their official… 18 palabras más


Cycling socks? What are those?

If you happen to cycle a lot, whether you are in exercising for that sport or not, you need a specific style of sock so that the moisture your feet generate will not be soaked up by your skin and therefore causes it to be a lot more susceptible to skin irritations as well as blisters. 522 palabras más

Say No! More

Do you lack the confidence to say no to people? Are you always the proverbial mat that people walk over? Well, this game may very well be for you! 894 palabras más

Nintendo Switch

"No" Is A Full Sentence

Let’s talk about that famous ‘no’ word. It’s simple, powerful, and yet somehow often ignored.

Now, I’m talking purely from a woman’s perspective, because I’ve never lived as a man (shocking, I know.) So, forgive me if this sounds sexist or like I’m generalising men, because that is not my intention. 598 palabras más