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Alone On The Trail - by: Emily Hepditch

Alone On The Trail by Emily Hepditch

Publisher : Flanker Press (April 14 2021)

Paperback : 280 pages

ISBN-13 : 978-1774570487

I was so excited to receive this book for review as Emily Hepditch’s first book, THE WOMAN IN THE ATTIC, was one of my favourite reads for 2020. 595 palabras más

전지적 독자 시점 - 리뷰 (스포): 방대한 세계관, 매력적인 캐릭터들, 세기의 판타지 소설

작가: 싱숑
연재처: 문피아

리뷰 포스트가 다 BL 카테고리에 있기에 BL에 넣어두었을 뿐, 실제 장르는 현대 판타지 (NL).

현대 판타지 (복잡한 해피엔딩)

김독자: 어린아이였을 시절부터 가정폭력, 따돌림, 원하지 않던 미디어의 관심 등으로 힘들어했으나 “멸망한 세계에서 살아남는 세가지 방법” 이라는 웹소설을 10년 가량의 시간 동안 읽으며 꾸역꾸역 살아간 한 평범한 남자. 394 palabras más


#Scheefgroei-in-de-polder #2/2

(210506, politiek is weer, eventjes, rustig, year of the metal ox, considered a calm, stable, and economically prosperous year)

#Scheefgroei-in-de-polder #2/2

Tweede en laatste, en iets mindere, aflevering over #Scheefgroei-in-de-polder van Jeroen Pauw. 193 palabras más


Pete's Ultimate All-Time MLB Roster

Photo Courtesy of AJC

2021 marks the 152nd season of MLB baseball. In those 152 years, there have been thousands of guys who achieved their dreams of playing at the highest level, but there is a small percentage that stand out among the crowd. 3.485 palabras más


Padres cap off electric weekend in LA, beat Dodgers in extras.

To say this weekend series between divisional foes was enjoyable would be a gross understatement. It is simply some of the best regular season baseball we have seen in years. 394 palabras más


Dodgers/Padres is currently the best rivalry in baseball

The MLB season is still young, but teams are settling into divisional matchups and blood is already starting to simmer out west.

Reasons why LA/SD is currently the best rivalry in baseball… 196 palabras más