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National Geographic Presents IMPACT

National Geographic Presents IMPACT with Gal Gadot premiers Monday, April 26, 2021 and is a short-form documentary series that follows the powerful stories of six women making an extraordinary impact on their communities around the world. 529 palabras más


Earth Day Eve Celebration with National Geographic

Image courtesy of National Geographic

National Geographic is inviting the world to kick off Earth Day 2021 with a star-studded Earth Day eve Celebration, and let me tell you it’s sure to be out of this world. 682 palabras más


Secrets of the Whales by Brian Skerry #bookreview #tarheelreader @natgeo @tlcbooktours #thesecretsofwhales #blogtour

Welcome to my stop on the Secrets of the Whales blog tour sponsored by TLC Book Tours! Thanks to TLC for the invitation!


I thought I was interested in whales and sea life, and then I went on a whale watching cruise while on my honeymoon in Alaska. 493 palabras más


Trailer: National Geographic's Docuseries IMPACT WITH GAL GADOT

National Geographic gives the spotlight to six incredible stories of women making an impact in their community in the docuseries “Impact with Gal Gadot,” premiering April 26.Watch the teaser trailer for a small glimpse at these magnificent stories that are changing the world. 166 palabras más


What to Watch: SECRETS OF THE WHALES | Premieres on April 22 on Disney+

Four-Part Special from National Geographic
Premieres on Earth Day – April 22 – on Disney+

Epic, revealing and emotional, that’s what you get when immersed in the secretive world of whales and see life and love from their perspectives. 181 palabras más


GALATIANS & The rarely known Celtic background of its inhabitants is another example of Paul’s custom of reaching out to rebels and outcasts.

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: When we talk about the Galatians, we think of them as the inhabitants of just another city in the region. But they were a city of displaced rebels, who after attacking and failing to subdue the Greek city of Delphi, retreated to this part of Asia Minor and set up an enclave of barbaric Celtic culture. 184 palabras más



Most of us have probably had several history classes that covered Hitler and his regime in World War II. But buried deep in the facts are atrocities we never learned about. 673 palabras más