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Understanding your Child in Terms of Behavioural Attitude

Parenting a child is not all about breastfeeding a child, changing the diapers, getting them to sleep, reading bed time stories to them, giving/feeding them foods etc. 320 palabras más

The Moralities of Supporting Immoral Leaders

With the election finally over and Biden being declared winner of the popular vote, I feel the urge to talk about the moralities of supporting leaders like Trump. 528 palabras más

Modern Issues

The Queen's Six: Journeys to the New World

Journeys to the New World
Hispanic Sacred Music from the 16th & 17th centuries
The Queen’s Six

Signum Classics SIGCD626. 66’23

The Queen’s Six are all based at Windsor Castle where they are Lay Clerks at St George’s Chapel. 435 palabras más

CD Reviews

Bolivia – The people won, against all the odds, the people still won

October 19, 2020

By Chris Faure for the Saker Blog

Bolivia went to the polls yesterday for the first election since the coup d’état in November 2019, that removed Evo Morales from the leadership and from the country and put the country under a western backed right wing coup government. 703 palabras más

Latin America

CIA-Linked WaPo Endorses Biden/Harris

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Most establishment media are lining up for Biden/Harris over Trump.

In 2016, the WSJ was an exception to the rule, calling Trump’s candidacy a “political disruption (that challenges a) broken Washington (that) needs to be shaken up and refocused…” 946 palabras más


Morales, other execs charged before Ombudsman for PhilHealth mess

Morales, other execs charged before Ombudsman for PhilHealth mess

By Benjamin Pulta  

MANILA (Philippines News Agency) – The Department of Justice (DOJ) on Friday formally endorsed to the Office of the Ombudsman the complaint against senior officials including the chief of the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. 234 palabras más