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It’s been awhile I’ve been online nor posted here. It’s just that I’ve been lost in my own thoughts and I’ve Prayed the Way I can, Worshipped in my own way, try to work hard/smart in a Country that gives nothing to you but takes almost everything from you and it seems nothing is Working, yet I am still Hopeful though Worried. 241 palabras más

Main Quest:  Spider Hyphen Man: Miles Morales - PS5 Campaign

I really cannot stand it when a game is announced for a next gen console, and a last gen port is quietly sneaked out in the background like a disgruntled extra in a high school play. 1.127 palabras más


Thinking Deep

Sometimes I wonder why people just hate or let me put it this way dislike you for no reasons while all you have ever done was to be happy for people making progress, pray for people in your own way, give the little way you can and satisfied with the little you have and praying for things to get better. 270 palabras más

5 Picture Books About Names and Identity

Alma and How She Got Her Name

  • Author and illustrator: Juana Martinez-Neal
  • Publisher: Candlewick, 2018

Description (from publisher): What’s in a name? For one little girl, her very long name tells the vibrant story of where she came from — and who she may one day be. 453 palabras más

Series Review: Slaves of Zisaida

The Lost Signal by J.S. Fernandez Morales is the first book in the Slaves of Zisaida series. It is a character-driven sci-fi story told from the POV of several different characters in two separate timelines. 800 palabras más

Some Nonsense I Wrote

The brutal legacy of Mexican Boxing

With last night’s victory over Callum Smith, Saúl Canelo Alvarez added two more belts to an already immense tally of world titles. Mexico is the second most successful boxing nation in the world having given birth to 204 world champions and 14 Hall of Famers. 600 palabras más


Understanding your Child in Terms of Behavioural Attitude

Parenting a child is not all about breastfeeding a child, changing the diapers, getting them to sleep, reading bed time stories to them, giving/feeding them foods etc. 320 palabras más