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The Controversy Surrounding Pride Month

Some people are bothered by the concept of pride month. They feel that it is unfair that veterans, who give their life to protect our country, only get a few days out of the year. 140 palabras más

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Life in the one true God and Lord Jesus Christ is really our only true life because it is wholly eternal and completely stronger than death” 1.224 palabras más

Orthodox Christianity

The Sign of the Ages

While the Lord Jesus was yet a forty day old child, the Elder Simeon proclaimed, “This child is set for the falling and rising of many in Israel, and as a sign which is spoke against” 1.410 palabras más

Orthodox Christianity

Theology Gets Its Second Dose

Back in February I wrote a post entitled “Theology got vaxxed?”

I’ve been told that someone wrote a counter piece to it. Nice to hear. I have yet to try to find and read it. 1.834 palabras más

Orthodox Christianity

"nOt aLl MeN"

How could we possibly establish gender equality when very few men actually take us seriously?

In early March, The Wall Street Journal, along with several other respected news outlets, reported that 33 year old Sarah Everard was kidnapped and murdered by London police officer Wayne Couzens. 469 palabras más



Addiction is the


lurking in the background

of every thought

that enters my mind.

It is the darkness

inside of me

that threatens to… 56 palabras más



It’s so unreliable-

with it’s constant

ups and downs

hills and valleys stretching out

into abysmal nothing.

Life’s such a frail

little thing,

but sometimes takes so much… 103 palabras más