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it's in the air

Sumi ink, watercolor, watercolor ink, graphite.


Artwork of the Week (May 17): Mars Perseverance Rover Photos

In early 2021, NASA’s Perseverance rover began transmitting images from Mars. Although these were not the first photos we’ve seen from the planet, they remain tremendously interesting. 465 palabras más

Artwork Of The Week

Wanderlust: magpies

Series: Wanderlust 2021 #20

After saying last week that I have a bad habit of covering up my base layers of collage even when I want to leave some of them exposed, I made an effort to be more thoughtful putting paint down for this week’s lesson. 293 palabras más

Mixed Media

Althea’s encounter

Hi there, I’m back with the mid month reminder of the Creative challenge at Lavinia stamps. The theme is glorious- ‘underwater’ -my favourite!

This is today’s YouTube tutorial project. 130 palabras más

Mixed Media

The Time Collector

The Time Collector

Credits: the photo of me is a self portrait and the drawing of the fish is by my hand. The watch is a free to use photo from Rijksstudio. 13 palabras más


The Purist Leaves Town

We all have prejudices for or against something. For me, my prejudice is what is labeled “mixed media” in artwork. It brings to mind things I don’t like, much less understand, to be “art” – and that is pretty narrow-minded, I admit. 664 palabras más


UN-HOUSED mixed media portrait

Vintage maps and papers, rich with the history of the past are the perfect material for creating this mixed media portrait. They invite the viewer to imagine the story of this human, un-housed, like so many in our communities. 93 palabras más